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traditional and religious music


 this category of music represents the oldest form of music in nigeria and world round today.it has been in use before the coming of europeans and despite the colonial domination it has endured till today.it is highly diversified because it is the music of individual ethnic groups resident in nigeria who share common beliefs,customs and traditions.for instance,the music of yoruba is quite diffrent from those of igbo,hausa/fulaniefik/ibibio,nupe,and karabaria to mention a few.hence, traditonal music in nigeria is heterogenous in form of content and it is limited in patronage to those who share its artistic value.it is practiced in context of social and religious events and in this way,it is utilitarian in nature.it is intergrated with other artistic components of culture such as literature,dance and drama. that is why we find traditional musicians such as dan marayan jos and mamman shatta also fufilling the roles of poets in their respective communities.in gaeneral, traditonal music,by being ethnic in its orientation, provides a means of ethnic identity and collective awareness.


it develop with the contact with islam and cristianity ,and it is quit different from traditional religeous music performed at festivals during ritual ceremonies and traditional rites. it is divided into two:islamic and church music.islamic church religius music is recently and could be said to be localized in yoruba area were it is used for promoting islamic solidarity and envangelism. thus, itis performed during islamic religious festival ,and such social occasion like naming ,wedding burial and house warming  ceremonies.

church music which initially comprised christian hymns sung in english and local languages was introduced by the christian missionaries. at first, it was completely european.later,various exprements at composition to christian worship more relevant to the nigeria enviroment led to the creation of the new idiom which made use of traditional music elements

today there is a proliferation of christian religious music which is quit diffrent from the original western antecedent.they make use of traditonal forms of musical performances such as call-and-response style of rendition and western band instrumental accompaniment.