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jazz&pop(foreign music)

this music developed as thee contact of the foreign musical idioms ,brought into nigeria by foreigners in the 1800s.these foreigners were european traders,andventurers and colonialists as well as poeple of african desent.
later in the early part of 1900s nigerias went abroad as a service mens during the second world wars and as students, they were exposed to foreign popular music which they, in turn imitated and reproduce on their return home.


1.(HIP-HOP&JAZZ)those performed in night clubs for social entertainment.

2.(HIGHLIFE)those performed as an integratd part of theatrical entertainment.

hip-hop music performd in night club for social entertainment initially combined traditional entertaiment music with the foreign 'swing' dance forms and was accompanied by combination of western and nigerian musical instruments.

an example of the outcome of the combination is HIGHLIFE in wich our traditional music idioms-melody,rhythm,harmony,style of perfomance interacted with the western brass band instrumental texture and dance rhythm.in the same way, diffrent levels of interaction between traditonal and foreign idioms produced juju, afro-beat,afro-rock,reggae and many other popular music.

hip-hop&jazz  music performed as an additon to theatrical plays and those integraated into entertainment,for instance,folk opera, grew out of entrtainment of non-african origin staged in school and shurch halls and later in civil halls, by african immigrants in the late 19th and 20th centuries.the have now developed into full maturity and have been incorporated into the indigenous film industry. all the popular music describe here are urban in origin and inter-ethnic bot in performance and patronage.