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structure of music and danc


the structure of music in nigeria is vry complex because of the complex nature of ou society.the structure of music has a lot of melody . rythms,harmony, for instrumentation and tone colour.the main characteristic is that differentiate african and nigerian music from any other type of music , are the rhtymic and metric complexity, and use of improvisation form.nigeria music is tonal.a melody is designed to follow the tonal inflection of the moelodies.the harmony is done in organum style in order to equally reflect the text in vocal melodies.the melodies are sort, often fragmentory and respetitive.

pentatonic scal is the most common scale in nigeria music.in instrumentation,nigeria musicians also communicates ideas, using materials from the tonal language.,there could be shades of differences between what is communicated and the exact pitches of the melody.however,the rise and fall in the text will still be reflected.the common process in the nigeria traditional assemble is either to use the technique of call and rsponse,or to build up an estimate over which the soloist improvise.


there are four basic element which make up the structure in dance.these are line,space,mass and coherence. they are concerned with the level, direction and dimension of the musical dance.
LINE<this the progression of the movement from on location to the other.when appreciating a dance,what one usually sees in the movement by movment through an imaginary line.
MASS<>this is when the bulk of dancers is considered as they perform at the same time.this creates the feeling of unification. mass could be used by the dance creator (choreographer) to create the contrast and unity.for example ,if a group of dancers is on stage right doing a particular movement while one dancer is on stage left doing a different or counter movement,it means there is an opposition between the the two parties and this will bring contrast .contrast is often used to crate emphasis and make statements.
COHERNCE<>this means that all elements of design must be roundly knitted together without any loose end.the must all be present ,equal,complete and related.without this element in a dance performance,there will not be any clarity of meaning.
SPACE<>this is the physical erea that accommodates the dancer's body on stage.it is that frame around the  body of the dancer in which the choreographer creates body images to express his/her thought.it is use to define the relationship between the dancers and also define the floor pattern.the choreographer uses it to achieve both aesthetis and communiction.